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I’m Jennifer Belanger

I am a Certified Breathwork Facilitator and founder of Oasis Breathwork who helps people relieve stress, anxiety and depression through the power of breathwork. I also teach clients about the quality of their breath and how it can affect the quality of their life. I love helping clients reach the best version of themselves through the healing properties of breathwork!

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork involves intentionally controlling the way you breathe. It is a holistic approach to improving both your mental and physical health.

It helps shift your emotional body, your physical body and energy body for the better!

Breathwork is the fastest growing healing modality in the world - it gets us out of our mind and into our body, where powerful transformation can take place.

Also, breathwork is so convenient - you can do it anywhere!

Come and Breathe into Your Inner Oasis!

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There are many

Benefits to Breathwork


Discover the Vagus Nerve and the Benefits of Stimulating it Through Breathwork

Does stress have you feeling overwhelmed? If you answered yes to this question and would like to learn how breathwork can stimulate your vagus nerve and in turn, reduce stress, fill in the fields to receive an email with this valuable information.
A toned vagus nerve through breathwork results in a supported nervous system so that you can focus on what matters — and feel better, fast.

How Breathwork Can Change Your Life

Breathwork can improve your health & wellbeing, boost your performance & enrich your life.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Deep breathing is a practice that allows more oxygen to flow into your body. This can help reduce stress and anxiety and calm your nerves, which helps you to function better in your daily life.

Release Trauma From the Body

Through breathwork, you can release trauma that holds you back from being your authentic self. You bring yourself closer to experiencing a true sense of joy, tranquility, and freedom.

Resets Your Nervous System & Shifts Your Energy Body

With proper breathwork practice you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which signals your brain that you're safe. This stops the fight-or-flight response and lets you rest.

Oasis Breathwork Reviews

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Corporate Breathwork

We've developed a program that combines breathwork techniques, intentions, and body awareness to remedy workplace burnout, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

Empowering Women Through Breathwork


Individual Breathwork Sessions

We've developed a program that combines breathwork patterns, intentions, body awareness, and healing sounds that can remedy things like anxiety and insomnia, and also gives you more focus and clarity in your daily life.

I am a certified trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator who has trained through a company called, Pause Breathwork. 

I have been on a healing journey with anxiety throughout my life and finding breathwork was an absolute gift in calming my nervous system and helping me to come home to my true self. I can attest that breathwork has not only made me feel more grounded, but it has also helped me release stuck emotions from trauma. Breathwork has opened more space within me for new life! 

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