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I’m Jennifer Belanger

Welcome to your healing journey through breathwork! I am a certified trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator who has trained through an organization called, Pause Breathwork, based out of San Diego, California. I am also the founder of Oasis Breathwork.

jennifer belanger

I have been on a healing journey with anxiety throughout my life and finding breathwork was an absolute gift in calming my nervous system and helping me to come home to my true self. I can attest that breathwork has not only grounded me more but helped me to release stuck emotions from trauma and open more space within me for new life!


It wasn’t until I found breathwork and committed to it that I began to see a transformational shift within. I can also say that after even one session I felt a significant change for the better in how calm and relaxed I felt.


Breathwork along with intention has helped me get out of my head and into my body and heart where transformation takes place. As we by-pass the mind and go into the body, that is where deep healing can take place and this is what breathwork can do for you!

jennifer belanger

I hear you, I feel for you,

because I know what it is like to have anxiety, trauma, stress or negative thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck.

I invite you...

to come on a breathwork journey where I will lead you through breathwork sessions using breathing techniques, intentions and I will hold a safe space for you. As a trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator, I have been trained to bring my client/breather slowly into a breathwork practice, this is something we call titration. We take things one step at a time as I attune to you as my breather and meet you where you are at in the moment.

What I Have Learned

There is so much power and healing in the breath – it shifts your body on a cellular level, it shifts your body on an energy level and it shifts your life for the better! It can also bring you to higher states of consciousness, it helps you connect with your intuition, and with your spirit/divinity within.

Not everyone, however, is looking to release trauma or anxiety from their body but although many are, breathwork can be used for other things too! You can use breathwork to upregulate your nervous system, to make yourself more alert in the day with certain breath techniques, which can help your productivity at work and home. It can help you perform better as an athlete and it can help you sleep better (please see The Benefits of Breathwork on my Breathwork page for more examples).


I have personally experienced that the breath can bring you into balance more on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. By connecting with your breath, your body has its own intelligence to know when and how to let go of trauma/stuck emotions, it knows how to heal – the breath is a great catalyst for this healing. If it feels right, I also invite my client/breather to use sound and movement to help move emotion and energy in conjunction with the breath.

As you bring awareness to your breath, you begin to observe the quality of your breath throughout the day. I began to do this regularly, taking notice of chest breathing versus breathing from my diaphragm and felt the difference between the two. I felt much calmer with diaphragmatic breathing by far as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. A great quote that I learned from Pause Breathwork is: “the quality of your breath, equals the quality of your life!” How true is this!

Breath awareness alone is important for healing/calming the mind and body and so is the awareness specifically around nose breathing versus mouth breathing. Nose breathing helps you to feel calmer compared to mouth breathing (please see content along with comparison chart on Nose Breathing versus Mouth Breathing on the Resources page).

I love to bring awareness to the breath in another way as well and that is awareness of the sacred breath. I am a spiritual person and through my intentional breath, I connect even deeper with God, the great I AM who has given life to us through His holy breath. In Genesis (2:7) it says, “The Lord God (Yahweh) formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.” Over the years, I have grown more deeply in my Christian faith and prayer life. I have attended many Bible studies which helped me gain a greater understanding and connection to God’s Word.

Please see Breath of Life book trailer video by Daniel Kooman for an experience of the ‘sacred’ breath and also for the pure glory and beauty in this video. Daniel Kooman talks about how “Yahweh breathed His name over humanity, bringing us to life.”

Experience how the Divine within can make you feel more alive and deeply connected to Him, through your holy and sacred breath as one of the many ways to connect!

I would also like to share that I am a newly published author and wrote a chapter in an Anthology book called, Turning Point: Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within and my chapter is called, Archaeology of My Soul. My story is a spiritual memoir, found in Chapter 6 of this book, where I talk about divine connectedness, finding archaeological treasure within and I discuss the sacred breath! This book is an inspiring read where powerful turning point stories are shared from tragedy to transformation. This book is for anyone, not only women. 


Please visit my Author website at www.jenniferbelanger.com for more details on this Anthology book and how to purchase this book. 

I love this quote by Rumi as it depicts so well the sacred treasure within each one of us as I discuss in Chapter 6 of my story.

“Oh, wandering One, if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don’t look outside. Look within, and seek That.” – Rumi

Finally, I love stepping into nature and connecting my breath and energy with Mother Earth – it is so grounding. Through intention, I connect my breath with the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water and I feel gratitude in my heart for Mother Earth which is a gift from above! Nature is so healing, so peaceful, and so restorative to the soul.


I also love doing Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, and attending health and wellness webinars.

Thank you for being here – I look so forward to working with you in helping you transform your life through the power and quality of the breath, intention and body awareness!

Wishing you Peace, Healing & Much Joy…one breath ~ at a time!

Jennifer Belanger