We are currently providing breathwork services only in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, there are so many benefits to breathwork – and it can be so healing emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically! There are numerous benefits!
• Moving through a crossroads in life with more grace and ease.
• It can increase your daily energy, mental clarity and make you feel more vibrant.
• Helps to increase your athletic performance.
• Connects you with God/Source/the Universe/The Divine and your spiritual body.
• It can release trauma that is stored in the body and can make you feel empowered.
• Breathwork helps you to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
• It can make you feel more connected to your emotional, physical and energy body and make you feel more grounded.
• Increasing creativity and inspiration.
• It can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, fear, grief and resets your nervous system to a calmer state and helps you to be less reactive to life.

If you have any medical condition or are taking any medication, then please consult your doctor and/or Psychologist before doing any breathwork and ask if it is safe for you. There will be a mandatory medical form and a liability form that must be completed before a breathwork session. Here are some examples of medical conditions but are not limited to the following: heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, family history of aneurysms, panic attacks or severe untreated mental illness. The medical form lists more examples of health conditions.

Breathwork has roots in the same pranayama yoga philosophy (pranayama means breath control) but it’s not the same thing. Continuous active breathwork techniques are done in a way that can alter your mood, create endorphin rushes, and it changes the pH of your blood to a more alkaline state. Breathwork helps you bypass the mind more quickly and gets you into your body where deeper healing takes place. Breathwork can also release trauma and toxins in the body. There are similarities to yoga but breathwork is different and it has faster results and is a more potent healing modality.

Breathwork is safe to practice everyday. If you are new to breathwork, start with shorter practice times and slowly make your way to longer durations while listening to your body’s inner guidance on what works best for you. Feel into how long to do a breathwork practice each day and each week. There is no set rule for how often but the more consistent you are with doing breathwork, the better results you will see and feel.

When you come to a breathwork session with particular expectations, it’s possible that you may or may not experience what you intended. The body has its own intuitive knowing of what needs to be healed and when. Your job is to set your intention, breathe into it and then surrender to your body’s wisdom to guide you through your session. Holding on to expectations is the thinking part of your brain that is anticipating to feel a significant experience but sometimes shifts can be very subtle on an emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic level.
I can personally attest to subtle but profound shifts within myself from breathwork. At times I felt like nothing was happening but one day I stopped and observed how far I had come and was amazed. There were many changes and it was not a dramatic experience that got me there, it was subtle. Sometimes it is a profound and noticeable experience and that can certainly happen as well.
Every single breathwork session is unique and this is something you can expect. My advice is for you to trust that both the breath and your energy body are doing what they need to do. Breathwork breakthroughs can be quiet and subtle but they can also be more obvious.

The breathwork practice is done in a safe and controlled way but sometimes if you breathe too quickly, especially if you are new to breathwork, you may feel lightheaded (this is normal). Should this happen, simply return to your natural breath until this passes then begin to breathe again more slowly.

It is not recommended as breathwork can lead to intense emotional releases and this can affect the baby. You should always speak with your health care provider before trying any kind of breathing practices as it can be very upregulating to your system and the baby. Lamaze breathing exercises have been used for decades and it is recommended you discuss this with your health care provider.

It is recommended for 30-minute breathwork sessions that you sit-up and for 60-minute breathwork sessions that you lay down. For 30-minute sessions these are more for relaxation where 60-minute sessions are more so transformational as you go deeper into the session. It is recommended to follow these guidelines but with that said however, doing what is best for you is the most important.

If you wear contact lenses, it is advised that you remove them for the 30-minute and/or 60-minute breathwork session.  The reason for this is that I recommend your eyes to be closed during the session so that you can go deeper with your experience.

It puts you, the breather, in a sovereign space to create healing within yourself. You decide how fast, slow or deep to go with the breath. You also have the option to set an intention and connect it to the breath which shifts the life-force energy within you. You make the conscious choice to say yes to inner transformation and connecting with your heart space. This is your journey, your personal experience, your time to come home to your true authentic self while you shed old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. You empower yourself as you take time to slow down and notice that as you soften, you strengthen. The more you open your heart, the more empowering your session will be.

“Because you are your own healer. You are your own drug. And the breath is the tool to help you realize that.” (Samantha Skelly – Pause Breathwork.)

It is perfectly normal to feel a variety of emotions during a breathwork session such as, bliss, sadness, grief, happiness or anger. For uncomfortable emotions, meeting them with love and acceptance instead of fear reduces the intensity. The stuck energy that we are holding needs to be processed and released and by using the breath, and even sound, movement and music will help with this release. Some breathwork experiences will be blissful and loving, while others will be more intense with emotions. Trust that whatever experience you’re meant to have will unfold exactly as it should and whatever needs to be released will be released.

This is very common as the mind is doing its job by wanting to keep you safe. As you drop more into your body while using breathwork patterns, the mind will begin to get quiet and become less resistant as your body/breath leads the way to releasing and healing. As you come into the present moment through the breath, the mind begins to settle. This process may take longer for some people but the key is to not judge the mind, just be the observer and breathe.

Breathwork allows us to move stagnant energy and emotions by breathing life force energy into them. It enables us to breathe life into repressed, trapped, and blocked emotions and to set them free. By unconsciously restricting the flow of breath, we limit the natural current of life force that wants to flow through us. Breathwork, however, provides a way to explore our emotional landscape in a safe setting that is free from judgment. Breathwork also allows us to re-inhabit our bodies, reclaim our truth, and recalibrate our nervous system back into balance. To breathe completely is to be fully present to what is, in this moment. (Pause Breathwork)

Your blood pH shifts to a more alkaline state (less acidic) and you have altered levels of CO2 and O2 in your system. Sometimes you can experience ‘tetany’ which is when your mouth, hands or feet can tighten or cramp which is nothing to worry about as it is very temporary and normal. All you have to do is return to the natural breath and this will pass. You can also experience temperature fluctuations so bringing a warm blanket if you get cold is always comforting or dress in layers in case you get warm. You can also experience a deep relaxed state as a slow and deep diaphragmatic breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system which is your rest and digest system.